Social media is HUGE and a vital channel for companies to help build brand awareness, drive sales and communicate with customers.

Why having a strong social media campaign is crucial in 2019

Social media has dramatically changed the way we interact with each other and because of that, businesses have had to develop and change to be able to interact with consumers, and even other businesses.


At the start of 2019, the world population stood at 7.53 billion and over 3.5 billion of those where active social media users. In the UK the population is just over 66 million, with 44 million of us being active social media users. Social media marketing for business has become one of the most important tools in the digital marketing indsutry. At Clickscope Digital we provide transparent social media campaigns to help brands achieve their goals.

Some of our social media marketing services

Account management

Save time by having us run your social channels. This means implementing a full strategy with agreed targets and goals. Clear transparency is given ensuring you are happy with all the content and materials that are being published.

Paid Social​

Our paid social campaigns are extremely powerful as it allow us to use advanced targeting options to pinpoint potential customers that are interested in your products or services. 

Social Media Audits​

We look at all aspects of your social media accounts to provide clarity on how you could be using them more effectively. It's important to us to measure & assess whats important to you whether its lead generation, engagement, brand awareness or follower growth.

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