Paid media and pay-per-click campaigns quickly get your brand in front of an audience who are actively looking for your services & products.

Our PPC campaigns help quickly generate a return on investment by giving you a steady stream of qualified, ready to purchase leads.

We understand how important it is to be receiving quality leads and conversions to your website and our effective paid media campaigns help you achieve exactly that. Our dedicated PPC strategist will help deliver you a robust, long term campaign that will generate the results you are looking for.

Our SEO Approach 

Organic Search

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Our PPC management approach 

Paid Search Ads

As paid ad experts we place high converting ads directly in front of customers looking for your services or product to drive ROI and sales.

A/B Testing

We're addicted to A/B testing and run regular tests on ad copy, landing pages, targeting options and more in an aim to constantly improve client campaigns.

Youtube Ads

Our Youtube campaigns take advantage of the second largest search engine in the world and allow us to put your brand and message directly infront of your target audience.


We preach strong conversion rates and look at improving this metric through email campaigns, design & layout changes, re-targeting, A/B tests and more! 

Google Shopping

Our Google shopping campaigns captivate customers and drive sales for E-commerce websites of any niche. We have years of experience optimising and creating engaging shopping ads.


Re-engage with customers and convert past website visitors with our strong re-targeting campaigns which we run on search, display and other networks.

Clickscope Digital based in Cambridge UK